Business services Mobile App

The key to ‘on-the-go’ employee business support for better wellbeing and productivity

Our Intuitive Mobile Solution

Our Business Services Mobile App is key to ‘on the go’ employee business support. A fully customisable and easy to use app with individual user profiles, with the reassurance of your own Virtual Personal Assistant to take over instantly whenever required.

Make working life easier for your employees with a personalised mobile solution, fully branded to your organisation, that streamlines access to all the company contacts and information, helplines, room and desk booking, conferencing access and practical day to day resources needed to work efficiently.

Manage your future workplace in the palm of your hand

Talk to our specialist team about the right solution for your business
Secure and resilient technology
Diary Management
Full messaging & diary management service
Integration with third party technology
Skilled Multi-lingual support
Management information and insights
Executive car booking
Live information
Up to date contact directory
Schedule & join conference calls instantly
Secure single touch access to Business Services
Mass Comms
Mass communication capability
On Demand
Business CONCIERGE Support available 24/7-365
On Brand
Fully customisable with your brand and chosen features

What can it do for your business?

New technologies within enterprise ecosystems have added complexity to an already challenging and changeable hybrid workplace. Slow adoption of technology through lack of knowledge or technical issues, has aided the decline in productivity in most developed countries.

Our Business Services Mobile App is designed with the user in mind, so that even the most tech-phobic employees can access everything they need for a productive and efficient day at work.

Easily manage your return to the office

How it works

We will take you through an audit and discovery process, to really get to know your business, your challenges and the opportunities to streamline and improve your employee engagement experience.

Our Customer Success team configure the app to your requirements and branding and implement the processes to enable frictionless access to your business support services.

Our advanced technology is tailored to consolidate your business support services and generate specific data insights and reporting to support ongoing excellence.

Your selected Managed Service Co-ordinators are trained on your organisation, culture and processes, before going live and preparing to manage your employee adoption and experience seamlessly and professionally should the need arise.


Business Efficiency

Streamline your technology and process, for employee efficiency, increased productivity and reduction in resources.

Employee Engagement

Reduce frustration in the workplace, by ensuring your employees have access to real-time updates, highly functional workplace helplines and personal support 24/7.

Cost Control

Manage call charges centrally, and integrate client billing, for accurate cost management and financial control.

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