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Outsourced switchboard and dynamic business services support, tailored to meet the high quality needs of the top City Law Firms.

Outsourced Switchboard Solutions

Our highly trained and experienced switchboard operators use our sophisticated technology to give your clients an exceptional experience with a ‘first call resolution’, whenever you need us to manage your calls.

Rapid Response Lines

We ensure it’s business as usual for your callers when the unexpected happens. Our dedicated and experienced switchboard team provide seamless communication and support during times of crisis.

Business Services Mobile App

Our Business Services Mobile App is key to ‘on the go’ employee business support. A fully customisable and easy to use app with individual user profiles, with the reassurance of your own Virtual Personal Assistant to take over instantly whenever required.

Our personal approach ensures the optimum experience for your law firm

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Outsourced sWitchboard Solutions

Our professional, multilingual team are based in Windsor and are dedicated to confidently handling your calls at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Ensure none of your calls are missed with our out of hours and overflow support, or choose a fully outsourced solution to ensure a consistently high quality call experience, leaving your on-site reception team to focus on welcoming your visitors.

Maximise New business
Reduce Costs
Impress your clients
Schedule a consultation with our Specialist
Legal team

Rapid response Lines

Our advanced technology provides a sophisticated solution, initiated as a part of your business continuity plan during emergency incidents or disruption. Experienced operators handle your calls and communications, for when it’s vital to be able to reach the right people.

Our advanced technology provides a sophisticated solution using dedicated lines, with experienced operators handling your customer calls and communications, for when its vital to be able to reach the right people. Rapid Response Lines are initiated as part of your business continuity plan during emergency incidents or disruption, such as dawn raids, cyber-attacks, natural disaster or health and safety risks.

Whilst we support internal engagement with mass communication and messaging to keep employees aware and engaged of the situation, with up-to-date information, it’s business as usual for your callers with the same high-quality call and communication experience they expect.

Maintain Brand Reputation
Secure client support
Manage Business Continuity

Business Services Mobile App

Make working life easier for your employees with a personalised mobile solution, fully branded to your organisation, that streamlines access to all the company contacts and information, helplines, room and desk booking, conferencing access and practical day to day resources needed to work efficiently.

Employee Engagement
Business Efficiency
Cost Control

What our Clients say

Dealing with the effects of the cyber attack would have been a good deal harder for our team and the firm had we not had the excellent back up and support from ComXo.

Let your employees unlock workplace efficiency with our integrated technology app, tailored to your exact company needs