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Business Concierge Service

These days we are spending more time on smart mobile devices than ever before. Statistics show that the actual time spent on these devices has increased by 575% in the last 3 years, and 80% of that time is spent solely on apps. With these figures, you can see how effective having an app can be for your business.

Users are starting to lean towards downloading apps rather than using their browsers and having to search online for something every time. The benefits of having an app don't only involve increased visibility and accessibility for your brand, but also boasts things like creating a more direct marketing channel and allowing you to connect with your customers in a completely new and specific way tailored to your choice.

Your business can come up with the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, there won't be any success with it. Using options provided by an app like App Notifications, ease of access to your inventory or services, and notifications for new launches or events as well as being easily contactable can drive your success rates forward dramatically. Research shows that app push notifications have a 97% read rate compared to only a 5% email read rate.

Having said this, downloading and using too many apps on your phone and trying to juggle them all can also be an issue. For more information how you can have just one app that is a gateway to all your other required business services apps contact:

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