The Impact of Cyber Attacks

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The Impact of Cyber Attacks

The "Wannacry" and "Petya" cyber attacks of June 2017 had a real and damaging effects on businesses, small and large. Companies didn't just lose access to their data but lost all internal and external communication.

The impact of such a communication "blackout" can be catastrophic.

Customers can't get through

Maersk, the world's largest shipping business responsible for transporting 15% of global seaborne freight, confirmed their subsidiary APM Terminalshad been crippled by the attack. APM's website went down, phones at headquarters and offices around Europe went unanswered.

"It was frankly quite a shocking experience. Your email goes down, all of your address system. We ended up having to use WhattsApp on our private phones". -Soren Skou, Ma-ersk

Staff Can't work

Britain's WPP, the world's biggest advertising company confirmed it was a victim of the attack. According to one employee "We were told to turn our computers off straight away and not to use the WiFi or servers. Most people just left the building",

"Employees access to emails and documents severely curtailed in what insiders have called a disaster". -

Productivity grinds to a halt

Production was halted at Cadbury factory during the attack

Bieiersdorf AG, the german maker of Nivea cosmetics experienced 5 to 10 days of shipping and production delays after its computers and communications froze.

"Beiersdorf AG said Petya cost 35 million euros in first-half sales. The company halted production in 17 plants"

Revenue suffers

Shares in Reckitt Benckiser fell as the group warned of falling revenues following the Petya attack.

Beiersdorf AG blamed the attack for a shortfall in its half-year financial results.

Mondalez, formerly known as Kraft and the world's second largest confectionery company reported a 5% drop in quarterly sales, blaming shipping and invoicing delays caused by the attack.

FedEx said it would have a "material" effect on its full-year results.

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