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Virtual Personal Assistant


Datchet / Office Based

Hours & Working pattern

40 hours / 07:00 – 21:00 FLEXI





What will you be doing?

A rare opportunity to join the leading UK provider of global switchboard support services. We are a rapidly growing company and as such we are now looking to invite a talented and enthusiastic individual to join a prestigious newly formed team.

Tasks involve greeting and navigating inbound calls in a ‘virtual switchboard’ environment, and we do so in a polite, professional, friendly and articulate manner. We pride ourselves on delivering service excellence in all areas of the role and work in a close-nit high performance culture. This team is catered to specifically manage calls for a highly
esteemed client.

This role requires the Virtual Personal Assistant to conduct themselves in accordance with the company’s 4P’s values (Politeness, Professionalism, Personality and Proficiency) at all times to internal and external stakeholders.

Your main responsibilities

  • Answer all calls, with politeness, proficiency, personality and professionalism.
  • Answer all calls presented to you within the time limits (SLA) set for the call and handle
    according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Respond to all inbound emails in accordance with the requirements of the client.
  • Fully understand the ethos of providing highest quality customer service and to deliver this at
    all times.
  • Complete all administrative tasks requested by a client, such as managing and making suitable
    amendments to directories to ensure client data is current and up to date.
  • Taking accurate and detailed messages where appropriate and sending them in a timely
  • Possess excellent word processing and IT skills.
  • Use our bespoke computer systems proficiently to direct callers to the correct department
    or person. This may include reading and reacting to on screen prompts.
  • Liaise with all other members of the team to ensure an effective service is provided to all
  • Support and advise your colleagues where possible
  • Undertake any other duties deemed reasonable, assigned to you by your Team Leader,
    Director of Customer Services, or another Team Leader deputising for them.
  • Complete tasks listed on the Team’s Checklist as requested by the Team Leader
  • Use active listening to identify customers’ needs, clarify information, and where appropriate
    provide solutions and/or alternatives.
  • Screening phone calls, enquiries and requests, and handling them in line with our client’s
  • Adhering to ComXo’s confidentiality and data protection agreements regarding sensitive
  • Maintain security measures; such as allowing people into the building, and adhering to
    cyber security procedures.
  • Ensure all relevant information is logged promptly and accurately for billing purposes.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to juggle and prioritise a range of different tasks and calls.
  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and
  • Use initiative and ask for help when needed; report a problem or concerns to a Team
Competencies that are identified to clearly define the essential functions of this role.


The ability to establish connections, on the basis of available information, to develop alternatives and derive timely, correct and realistic conclusions

Active listening

The ability to capture relevant information from (non) verbal communication. The willingness to ask targeted questions and to consciously interact with people


The ability and willingness to initiate contacts and to communicate in a clear manner


The ability to act and communicate, both on a personal and professional level, sincerely and consistently with prevailing values and norms


The ability to actively adapt the personal functioning, method and management style to the situational requirements


The ability to honor agreements and to function in compliance with the existing procedures, guidelines and norms


The ability and willingness to understand the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others and to act accordingly

Conflict Management

The ability to acknowledge conflicts, approach them objectively and discuss them in order to reach constructive and mutually acceptable solutions

follow up & Control

The ability to monitor and control the evolution of activities and projects in terms of timing, quality and results


The ability to perform tasks meticulously and to obtain a high degree of accuracy and completeness due to considerable attention for details


The ability to detect and use opportunities by initiating things opposed to remaining passive. The willingness to take action, even when not explicitly called for


The ability to manage efficiently the available time, efforts and resources, in function of the circumstances

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