Room & Desk Booking

Manage your space with our innovative approach to remote Room & Desk Booking

Our workspace booking solutions

Easily manage your room and desk reservations, using our combination of skilled personal expertise and innovative technology for a stress-free approach to space allocation.

We ensure your team has a simple, efficient, ‘single touch’ process to easily book and manage desk and room reservations, including their AV and catering requirements.

Managed Service for the personal touch
On-demand access to our skilled Reservation Co-ordinators reduces employee concerns and provides reassurance that queries can be resolved in person. Our advanced capability also allows for our experienced room consultants to manage your office and meeting space allocations to function effectively at optimal capacity, providing increased return on your valuable space.
Technology for the modern workplace
Work with our experienced technology specialists to integrate your selected room booking software or existing systems. Our flexible and technology agnostic approach provides the optimal solution for you to configure your office and meeting space to ensure that your staff have access to the workspace that best supports their return to the office and that you maximise the value of your technology investment.

Make your flexible workspace with our bespoke solutions

Talk to our specialist team about the right solution for your business
Streamlined central booking system
Ability to search by capacity & requirements
Audio Visual & Catering options
Secure and resilient technology
Management information and insights
Seamless integration with diary and conferencing software
Real-time occupancy data and reporting
Specialist booking consultant
Business Services support
Helpdesk escalation for employees
Intelligent technology evolves through learning
Flexible Services that adapt to your environment

What our clients say

Top Legal Firm
Facilities Supervisor

Knowing we are using a reliable service is the main thing and that definitely comes across with the professionalism of the staff at ComXo, especially with the excellent customer service support they offer, giving us absolute peace of mind.

Easily manage your return to the office

Our room and desk booking solutions take the stress out of booking the right workstation or meeting room, giving your team a simple and efficient tool to navigate the complexities of a hybrid workplace.


Business Efficiency

Better room and desk utilisation for greater productivity and return on your valuable space.

Attendee Experience

A streamlined and efficient booking experience for employees and meeting attendees, providing reassurance for those returning to the office.

Data INsights

Comprehensive reporting provides useful data and trend analysis to drive continuous improvement, and inform future space management decisions.

cost saving

The efficiencies of a central booking solution reduces wasted hours on call volume and waiting time.

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